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Neck lanyards are an extremely popular item and are now being traded and used as gifts from team to team. Our lanyards come in nearly every color imaginable, and may be imprinted with any design and text that your heart desires. The most common lanyard is 3/4" wide and can be made to any length. Lanyards can have quick-release attachments for child safety and we also have reflective lanyards for safety.

N03-Tubular Polyester - Featured as our most economical lanyard, this two-ply tubing polyester material is extremely comfortable to wear and the best value you'll find. (Excellent for Basic Logos and Test Imprints.) Available in 3/8", 1/2", 5/8"

N04-Flat Polyester - Our most popular lanyard, this one-ply flat polyester material is very sleek and sharp looking. This material and style is recommended for close registration, high definition logos, raised (3D), gradient, and multi-color imprinting. Also available in 1".
Product IDWidth5015025050010002500500010000
Note: $50 setup per color. $.08/pc running charge per additional color. 2nd sided printing available for $.13/pc running charge per additional color.

NA05-1 - Dye Sublimated lanyards are imprinted through a dye process directly into the lanyard material guaranteeing a long-lasting imprint that won't scratch off.
NW01 - Econo Weave lanyards ar recommended for text weaves only. These lanyards are imprinted utilizing a basic text woven process.

NW02 - HighDef Weave lanyards provide a tighter woven process allowing for basic logos and text woven onto the lanyard.
Product IDWidth10002500500010000
NA05-13/8" and 3/4"$1.43$1.30$1.12$.95
Note: $190 setup per color (non-white colors), no running charge per additional color. No charge for double sided printing. Use 1 to 4 colors.
Product IDWidth50010002500500010000
NW013/4" and 5/8"$1.48$1.25$1.08$.92$.80
NW023/4" and 5/8"$1.53$1.35$1.18$1.18$1.07
Note: $50 setup per color. Double-sided weave is not possible.
Standard Attachments - All lanyard prices quoted come with your choice of one of these standard attachments.
  • SA01 - Black Split Ring
  • SA02 - Silver Split Ring
  • SA03 - Plastic O-Ring
  • SA04 - Plastic D-Ring
  • SA05 - Bulldog Clip
  • SA06 - Swivel Press-in Hook
  • SA07 - Swivel J-Hook
  • SA08 - Swivel Bulldog Clip
  • SA09 - Plastic J-Hook (3/8" - 1/2" only)
  • SA10 - J-hook
Plastic Attachments - (All $.13)
  • PA01 - Plastic Bulldog
  • PA02 - Plastic O-Ring
  • PA03 - Plastic J-hook
  • PA04 - Plastic Swivel J-hook
  • PA05/PA06/PA07 - Plastic cell phone straps
Buckle Release - Swivel Front Buckle Release & Side Buckle Release.
Buckle releases are ideal for easy detachment of badges, keys, or any other item attached to your lanyard without the hassle of having to take off the whole lanyard.
  • BR01 - 3/4" only
  • BR02 - 1/2", 5/8", and 3/8" only
  • BR03 - 3/8" only
  • BR04 - 3/8" only
Orders less than 2500 $.22/pc
2500 or more $.17/pc