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Photo-etched pins and Stamped or Die Struck pins are made by painting enamel into etched or stamped metal. These types of pins are very popular and inexpensive; the can even be plated gold, silver, bronze, copper, or black. We cover these with a clear epoxy cover to protect from scratching ... FREE OF CHARGE!
Silkscreened pins are simply printed like a t-shirt and don't have to utilize a metal outline like the above mentioned pins. We can print artwork or even a picture onto pins! This process allows better detail in design and also allows us to incorporate Gradients (fading of color).These are also very affordable.
BRAND NEW SPECIAL EFFECT! We can make you a Stained Glass pin. This is a super cool process. We use transparent enamel and remove areas of the metal backing, that will allow light to shine through the back of the pin, creating a great effect. We can get very creative and create an amazing pin! (This process is only available with die struck pins).
BRAND NEW SPECIAL EFFECT! Another new process is our Holographic Glitter pins. These reflect a spectrum of light to make your pin brilliant. Also, we can screen print a thin layer of color over the Holographic Glitter area to keep the spectrum contained to tints and shades of one main color. Also, we will screen print parts of the design thick, so no Holographic Glitter comes through, adding dimension and contrast to your design. This is an amazing process! (This process is only available with screen printed pins).
Custom Top Print. This process allows larger groups to save money! Here's how it works... We can create a pin for a large organization with say...three teams. Typically, teams are charged per quantity/per design. With Custom Top Print, we can make 1 design to cover all 3 teams, allowing you the quantity discount for the pins, then we screen printe each teams Custom info on the top, so they are personalized for each team.
You can add a 3D-Bubble or a spring to give your pin a real 3D effect.
Glitter is always popular and gives a really cool look to pins. This is a cheap way to spice up your design.
BobbleHead pins are always an eye-catcher. We can make just about anything 'bobble' on your pin. These are extremely popular!
Gemstones are a nice addition to pins and are very affordable. We have many colors available and they even come in star shaped!
Spinners & sliders are always well traded at events. These give motion to parts of your pin.
Blinkies are fun to add to pins. You can add up to six blinkies per pin in red, yellow, or green. We can make them flash in sequence or all together.
Multi-Blinkies are a newer process, and fun to add to pins. You can add up to seven Multi-Blinkies per pin in red, orange, yellow, blue, or green. We can make them flash in any desired sequence. The Multi-Blinkies are different in that they flash much faster than regular blinkies, and use a different on/off mechanism. They are quite a bit less cost than the traditional blinkies because they are lighter. The pin material is a very hard, durable plastic, on which the design is screen printed. If you are on a tight budget, but want a pin that really stands out, this may be the way to go. Although these are a plastic pin...they do not appear cheap and are very well made and solid.(This process is only available with screen printed pins. Minimum quantity 1000pcs please).
Dangles are the single most popular item to add to a pin. We offer several stock dangles to choose from in order to save you money; of course, you can create one unique to your pin.
Translucent and glow-in-the-dark enamels are also available for some pins.