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Youth Soccer Trading Pins and patches are traded at nearly all big Soccer Tournaments. It has become one of the premiere activities in Youth Soccer.

Our mission is to supply soccer trading pins that will be a Super Trader for your Team and we want it to be very special to you. To make a unique soccer pin, we need to incorporate several things into the design. Trading pins will need specific Components of the pins to reflect the group name, geographical area, age group, gender, team colors, mascot, player's numbers, and other special information about your team.

Our talented soccer trading pins artists are available to touch up your artwork or to produce a unique trading pin for you from scratch.

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Soccer Pins Example Order Description
Examples would be as such:
  • Soccer Team Name: Elite Eagles Soccer
  • Geographic Area: Springfield Missouri
  • Age Group: Boys 14u soccer
  • Info needed on pins: Our logo with 12 soccer balls with players numbers and the year. Team colors are Red, White and Blue with individual player numbers.
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