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Stock Lapel Pins has been providing lapel pins for over 30 years with reliable, quality service. Lapel trading pins are our passion, and we'll do everything we can to keep our customers happy and continue to innovate in our industry.

Our commitment to our customers is why we are now pleased to offer a LARGE AND EXTENSIVE collection of new stock pins that can be ordered for any and all occasions!

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Stock Lapel pins have many uses in all parts of life and business. Here are some examples of the uses for stock pins

  • Fundraising - Lapel pins and Fundraising go hand in hand; great profits are possible with the right program
  • Sports teams - Lapel pins are displayed with pride
  • Organization - Put your logo on a custom pins to identify your group at conventions
  • Nonprofit organizations - Custom lapel pins are a low-cost effort to help create awareness
  • Incentives - Encourage employees in the workplace with recognition pins
  • Branding - Lapel pins are an inexpensive way to promote your brands
  • Tradeshows, Conventions, and Meetings-Lapel pins create a memorable gift for your group
How can I use stock lapel pins?

Celebrate your family and friends on all occasions with our beautiful stock pins! Graduations, birthdays, holidays, additions to the family, and reunions are among the MANY occasions where stock pins can help to create memories and bring everyone together!

Small businesses to large corporations are known to use lapel pins to promote spirit and confidence to their employees; they help to form a bond between the employees and the company.

They help to recognize and reward achievement and success. Whether you're recognizing years of service, a special achievement, or reaching a goal, lapel custom pins are a highly effective, yet low-cost method, of giving the desired effect in any situation. Custom lapel pins always make a memorable gift, and are often treasured for many years as a tangible hold on a special memory or experience.

Stock lapel pins make great collectibles. The collecting of lapel pins is a very popular hobby for many, and their yearly sales are in the millions. If you've ever known a member of the Lions Club or a girls softball player you probably know firsthand about the craze, and how excited people are about custom trading pins!

When thinking about "promotional items", lapel pins instantly come to mind as the product of choice. Lapel trading pins are affordable and impressive to all who view them. They are low-cost yet have a high perceived value in their impact to the world and employees around them.

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