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Are you interested in making a passive income? Does your team, club, league, or organization have a website?

If your answer is YES, then our affiliate program is right for you! If you haven't done so already, register for After registering, return to this page to create your affiliate account, and then simply our place our provided link on your website. Tell everyone about it, and you're on your way! !
By partnering with's Affiliate Program, you could be earning substantial, residual referral income for the life of the customer. Like millions of small and home-based businesses, your organization's earning potential is unlimited.

There are NO COSTS at any time to be a affiliate. From the creation of the link to the sending of your payment check, it is all handled by us! FOR FREE!! This allows you to focus your time and effort on your own organization.

In addition, we will give your group exposure through our website links to as many as 100,000 contacts per year, and its all FREE . . . in fact, WE PAY YOU!
Four ways to make money
  • Affiliate program on sales from merchandise purchased from our online store.
  • Affiliate program on sales from Trading Pin orders.
  • E-mail contact mailing list sharing (spamming is not permitted, only addresses from those who wish to receive other offers or newsletters may be utilized).
  • E-mail a copy of our flyer to your e-mail contact list and earn money based on finalized sales using your unique code number we provide you.
Program Features
  • You will earn 5% of each online order generated from traffic from your link.
  • Password protected page to check sales total and update your account information.
  • Full Technical Support.
  • Receive payments via check.
Program Terms and Requirements
  • You must place a banner and/or link on your site to generate affiliate sales, and provide us a valid link to your website in exchange.
  • Spamming is not permitted under any circumstance. Legally obtained emails are permitted and may include (but not limited to) customers wishing to receive e-mails on other products and/or services or your business e-newsletter.
  • You must use the link to our site using your affiliate number or name to be given credit for your sales. These links will be furnished upon account activation.
  • Payments are made via check once your account has an accumulated total greater than $50.00.
  • You may not frame our site, however, opening our site in the same page or a new tab/window is acceptable.
Before creating an affiliate account, you must already have a main account with our system. This allows us to properly link and credit affiliate sales.

Please to your account, or to create a new account.
Please revisit this page if you are not automatically redirected after signing in.