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Special Effects

Here’s the REALLY fun part!  Use your creativity and decide what you’d like to use to ‘jazz’ up your trading pins. If you don’t know what to do….let us help. Just ask for our assistance with what would be best for your design and your budget. Special Effects added to custom trading pins is really where you will get noticed. Some great effects have very little cost associated. Call or email today for details! 

Glitter Pins

Glitter is always popular and gives a really cool look to pins. This is a cheap way to spice up your design. We can add glitter to all types of pins.


What a great accent to your pins. Add one or a dozen. As you add more gemstones the price gets less. If you have an idea that incorporates MANY gemstones, give us a call so we can quote you properly. This is a cheap way to spice up your design. We can add gemstones, in all colors, to all types of pins.


Color Changes to create SETS of Pins

For little or no extra cost, we can change some of the colors in your pins to create a collectible set. This is a great way to make your pins very popular and collecting the set can become quite competitive!

Stained Glass Pins

We can make you a Stained Glass pin. This is a super cool process. We use transparent enamel and remove areas of the metal backing, that will allow light to shine through the back of the pin, creating a great effect. We can get very creative and create an amazing pin! (This process is only available with Zinc Alloy pins)

Spinner and Slider Pins

Spinners and sliders are a great way to add a little motion and uniqueness to your pins. We can make spinners and sliders with all types of pins, and even mix pin types for a more dramatic result. 

Hinge Pins

A super unique effect is to incorporate a hinge in your design. Your pins can open up like a door or with two hinges can open like shutters. We can add hinges to all types of pins, and even mix pin types for a more dramatic result. 

Blinkies are fun to add to trading pins and makes your pins even more sought after. You can add up to six blinkies per pin in red, yellow, or green. We can make them flash rotationally, in sequence, or all together. 

Blinkie Pins

Blinkies are very popular and fun to add to pins. This process can really add personality to you trading pins. Colors available are red, orange, yellow, blue, green or clear (white). White and blue blinkies have a slightly higher cost associated because they tend to use more power so we must use an upgraded battery pack.

We can make them flash in any desired sequence if more than one are added. Feel free to make just a portion of your regular pins with blinkies in order to create a ‘special’ pin for ‘special’ trades.

Multi-Blinker Pins

Multi-Blinkies are a newer process, and fun to add to pins. You can add up to seven Multi-Blinkies per pin in red, orange, yellow, blue, or green. We can make them flash in any desired sequence. The Multi-Blinkies are different in that they flash much faster than regular blinkies, and use a different on/off mechanism. They are quite a bit less cost than the traditional blinkies because they are lighter. The pin material is a very hard, durable plastic, on which the design is screen printed. If you are on a tight budget, but want a pin that really stands out, this may be the way to go. Although these are a plastic pin…they do not appear cheap and are very well made and solid.(This process is only available with screen printed pins. Minimum quantity 500pcs please). 

Dangle Pins

Dangles are the single most popular item to add to a pin. We offer several stock dangles to choose from in order to save you money; of course, you can create one unique to your pin.

Puzzle Pins

We can create pins that are ‘parts’ of a larger pin. This is great for events where trading and collecting unique pins customary.